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Gold Standard 100% Whey by Optimum Nutrition is one of the most Grand and amazing supplements out there. Like the name suggests it provides you the Gold standard service to its customers. It contains Amino acids to help recover your muscles and provide better growth. If you are someone who just started going to the gym or even if you are already a workout and exercise junkie then you must have experienced sore and tired muscles. This product right here is going to save your day it will

help with the extreme natural growth of your muscles so you won’t feel uneasiness anymore. The product contains 24 Grams of Protein, 5.5 Grams of BCAAs, 4 Grams of Glutamine and Glutamic.  Another really amazing thing about this product is that it is approved by the consumers as well and is one of the most liked supplements by known Athletes and trainers out there. It’s a consecutive 10-year Award winner supplement from 2005-2014 which only shows the dedication and hard work of its manufacturers.


The main purpose of consuming supplements is to gain energy and to bring out the best out of your body to achieve your fitness goals. Working out to create a healthy environment for your body talks about passion and strength of your thoughts so in order to accomplish what you are actually passionate about you need the best quality there is and this is why giving Gold standard 100% Whey a shot is not something you will regret.


This protein powder will change your routine is so many good ways. For starters, it will bring s regularity and consistency to your routine because if you are already working out or planning to then this is something that will make itself a constant habit in your daily life. The protein powder is an instant mix you only need to grab a spoon and water and mix it with the powder and you are good to go!


Of all the many reasons to buy this product, its value/quality should be the first one! For starters, its a well-known brand with amazing and consistent performance. It gives you 24 Grams of rapid protein serving with low fat and cholesterol. So there isn’t anything healthy that this product is not offering honestly.

Amazing Flavors:

Another really great thing about this product is that it comes in a huge range of flavors for you to choose in case you don’t like your protein powder in a plain bland flavor.Flavors include:-

Vanilla Ice cream French Vanilla Creme Cookies and Cream Salted Caramel

Chocolate Mint Banana Cream 

Chocolate Malt

Rocky Road

Strawberry Banana  Chocolate Peanut butter Cake Batter Chocolate coconut

  1. Rapid Digestion: The protein powder will help you in rapid digestion like its nothing.


  1. Should not be used for weight loss/Fat Burn.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.3. Store in a cool dry place.

How to use On Whey protein?

  1. A spoon full:

One of the easiest things about Gold standard 100% Whey is that it’s an instant maker which means if you don’t have a hands-on blender available or a shaker you can just take a spoon full of the protein powder and mix it with water. You can increase or decrease the quantity according to the sweetness level you want for it. Shake it for 30 seconds and you are good to go!

  1. Shake, shake, shake!

If you are a gym lover then you must have known about the shaker cup. It is absolutely an essential if the workout is your daily routine. It is the best way to keep your protein mixture safe and secure. You just add a scoop of it in water, milk or any beverage you like and shake it for 30 to 35 seconds and it will be ready to drink before you know it.

  1. Blend it away!|If you like adding other ingredients into your protein powder or if you simply get satisfied with the mixture only if it is properly blended then take a scoop of Whey protein powder and throw it in the blender with milk or water and if you like you can also add stuff like frozen fruits, peanut butter, healthy spoon of oil or coconut.
  2. Go Creative:

If using your protein powder in the old boring way makes you feel not very creative then you should consider other ways of mixing your protein powder in yogurt, oatmeal or your morning cereal! You can also increase the protein level of your baking items like cupcakes, brownies, etc. Just add a scoop or more in your cookbook!


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